Honeywell DCS PlantCruise

PlantCruise by Experion® is based Honeywell’s proven Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) technology and designed to efficiently meet the control system needs of variety of industrial applications. It provides an integrated platform with comprehensive connectivity, advanced HMI and tools, and software enabled solutions delivering operational efficiencies and new business outcomes.

PlantCruise is the perfect platform for users to extend their scope at any time from process control and management to include personnel and assets, and to even integrate the resources of their entire business operations.

PlantCruise offers proven technology with the right agility for greater reliability and advanced control:

  • Provides flexible control platform options based on Series 8 and ControlEdge for improved fit across various industrial applications
  • Includes model-based advanced predictive control technology for loop-control optimization
  • Ensures no “loss of view” of the core process through Experion Direct Connect Station
  • Utilizes Honeywell’s patented Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) capability ensures greater reliability
  • Employs IT-enabled solutions for improved performance and operations (e.g., virtualization, data mobility, remote operations)
  • Changes control process verification for regulatory compliance
  • Simplifies engineering and maintenance functionality

PlantCruise by Experion offers an integrated control package based on state-of-the-art controllers and technology, which enable seamless, plant-wide control and improved connectivity. The key features of this solution include:

  • Built-in function blocks and pre-built templates
  • Rich function libraries to easily create control strategies
  • Support for Custom Algorithm Blocks (CABs) and application development to suit industry and application-specific requirements
  • User-friendly tools such as Control Builder, Enhanced Bulk Builder, Quick Builder, Smart Reporting and HMIWeb Solution Pack
  • Simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) including Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium-compliant displays
  • Alarm management tools such as alarm shelving, alarming tracker, and dynamic alarm suppression