Creative group is complete Automation Solution Provider from conceptualization to reality under one roof with in the QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery). We have expertise in Commissioning of highly Automated equipments and deliver the projects in FTR (First Time Right).
We are providing our services for each and every product used in Industrial Automation Solutions, Some of the areas are described here under:-

Design & Supply of control & Instrumentations
We are designing complete scheme for Control & Instrumentation for Green field Projects and existing Projects who want to upgrade. We have state of Art manufacturing and assembling facilities where we are executing our projects.

Installation & Commissioning of control & Instrumentations
We have team of Engineers & Technicians who are Experts in Installation & Commissioning of Plant Instrumentations at clients end. They are well known between our clients for their Technical skills and inter personal relations with client engineers and technicians.

PLC Programming
Creative Engineers are well known for their PLC Programming skills of any Make. But our favorite Brand is Omron, We have done several Projects with Omron PLCs, like PLC Networking thru Controller link, Ethernet and Wireless. Our many clients have been benefited from Our solutions of Wireless communications between Omron PLCs, which are running successfully since long time from now.
We have expertise in providing solutions for DG Automation as DG Synchronizations, DG Load Management by using Omron CJ1M PLC and Rishabh Energy Meters. We are able to get fast communication between Omron PLC and Energy Meters thru Modbus RTU.

SCADA/HMI Programming
To provide strategic information to decision makers in a real time environment Creative Engineers has incorporated SCADA packages in their solutions for many clients.
From a central reading location a SCADA system can track a number of remote sites equipped with Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The RTUs can measure an array of conditions and a wider variety of parameters, including temperature, current, voltage flow, and tank levels. Real-time measurements are obtained from the RTU's via the different sensors they have inside. The following types of sensors can be included in RTUs:
The data acquired is then sent back via the communication link. Some of the larger systems can monitor 10-20,000 remote sites, with each site handling as many as 2000 input/output (I/O) points. These units in turn report back to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) that carries out the control functions and needed analysis

CNC Programming
We have expertise in CNC Programming and Commissioning, We have commissioned several Equipments with CNC Controls as Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor, Hidenhien etc.

Motion Controllers Programming
Till the date we have commissioned various applications of Motion Controllers, We have expertise in Programming of Baldor Motion Controllers.

Robots Programming
We have programmed several Robots of ABB and Fanuc Make for various Applications as Pick & Place, Palletizing, Welding etc.

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