Next Generation PLCs- MasterLogic 200 Series (ML200 and ML200R)

Honeywell MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) is backed by a powerful and versatile CPU with IEC61131-3 standard programming, pocket size compact modules, Open networks like Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus and Modbus. The MasterLogic System is highly modular and scalable with enhanced online maintenance and trouble shooting.
Although the MasterLogic-200 PLC may look small and compact, it comes packed with features such as High speed (28nsec/step and 42nsec/step),10MB program & system Memory,2MB data Memory,16MB built in flash memory for program, thus making it an ideal combination of power, performance and versatility of the PLC
The PLC has a redundant CPU with dedicated racks & redundant power supply and supports ring topology for redundant and high speed CPU to IO communication (10/100MBPS on Ethernet/FO) and is hot swappable and supports interrupt programs
• Powerful and versatile CPU
• Over 50 types of I/O Modules.
• Open Network
• Program Simulator IEC61131-3 Standard Programming. OPC DA server Supported. Diagnostics Compact Size
• Remote IO's on FiberOptic
Benefits to the Customer
• High speed with enhanced memory
• Supports Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus (Serial and Ethernet)
• Has the ability to test programs offline without the CPU.
• Self Diagnostics – Network diagnostics, System logs, Auto Scan, Monitoring system.
• Compact pocket size modules – Rack room & cabinet space saver.
• Remote IO's supported on 10/100MBPS Fiber Optic for improved scan time


We have powerful range of Micro PLCs as described below here:-

Honeywell New ML-50 PLC

Honeywell’s new ML50 compact PLC, with its innovative architecture combines power and versatility to help provide performance in a slim, compact and affordable solution. With its high performance and functionality, the new ML50 PLC offer economical automation platform for many industrial control applications. The ML50 family can be used just as I/O, as a standalone PLC or as a distributed control. It offers broad selection of Base modules, Expansion I/O modules, various network interface options and some special modules to enhance control capabilities.


With its powerful and various built-in functions, ML series can provide optimum solution for your automation task.
- Communication: RS232, RS485
- 2-axis positioning functions
- High speed counter
- PID Control
- Various input processing like pulse catch, input filter
High performance
With its high-speed processing and system capability, ML50 series offers utmost efficiency for your applications.
- 160ns/step processing speed and floating-point arithmetic with onboard CPU.
- Up to 7 expansion modules, 480 I/O point control – PLC system for low-tomid level applications
- Up to 5 communication ports with built-in-functions and expansion
Integrated programming & debug environment
ML50 series offers enhanced programming convenience and various
monitoring / diagnosis functions.
- Programming flexibility with 720 instructions (42 basic instructions,
678 application instructions)
- Multi–PLC, Multi-program management integrated network setting
monitoring & diagnosis
- Convenient variable editing
- Compatibility with Microsoft Excel
- Address, Special module & Custom vent monitoring Trend monitor
Easy Expansion
With its detachable terminal block and MIL connector, ML50 provides easy and convenient way for wiring and module change. For expansion of PLC system, each expansion module can be easily connected and separated by its directinsert method.

OMRON SYSMAC CP1L PLC (A Standard Package-type PLC)

Complete with a standard-feature USB port, CP1L PLCs include CPU Units for applications with as few as 10 points. Whether you need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port, the CP1L PLCs give you an economical choice from among 10-, 14-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-point CPU Units.


Multi-functionality Condensed into an All-in-one Package. Expanded Range of Applications with Built-in Pulse Outputs for Axes, Analog I/O, and Serial Communications and with a USB Port as a Standard Feature. With accelerating globalization and the diversification of market needs, added value is being sought in equipment as never before. OMRON’s latest solution is the release of a
new package-type terminal-block PLC that combines full basic functionality with advanced expandability.
# A full complement of built-in functions enables increased applicability.
# Reducing the design time required for expanded and more complex programming helps in giving added value to equipment.

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