Easy Setup with the Cost-effective, Compact NP Series

What do you need in a NP Series? Display visibility, information capacity, cost effective? OMRON provides all of these and goes further to reduce the TCO, including operating efficiency, by enabling connection of various control devices, easy design work, and the smoothest possible connections.

Transfer Screens at High Speed via USB Port

The USB interface lets you take full advantage of the computer software environment. Transfer screens created on the computer to the NP Series at high speeds

Transfer Screens at High Speed via USB Port

The USB interface lets you take full advantage of the computer software environment. Transfer screens created on the computer to the NP Series at high speeds.

USB Memory Stick for Program upload/Download

Screen data can be transferred with a USB memory stick, eliminating the need to carry a computer to the site.

Easier On-site Operation

Models with two different function key layouts are available to meet the needs of your application design. The NP Series case is also available in two different colors: black or silver.

Use the Same Equipment Worldwide with Multi-Language Support

The NP Series, screens, and Support Software are supported in English, Chinese, many European languages, and Japanese. Also, the NP Series meets international standards so it can be exported or imported across country borders easily.

NS Series Advanced Programmable Terminals

NS-series HMIs Navigate All Areas of Machine Operation, From Daily Operation to Error Recovery

NS-Series caters for all your application needs!
Enhanced networking features, image progress, easy configuration and libraries allow users to create interfacing screen in no time, thus cutting man-hour cost.


Experion HS is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for Human Machine Interface applications (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Built upon the proven technologies of the Experion platform, Experion HS is an integrated and affordable solution for smaller unit operations.

Experion has made systems easier to install and to use, and developed the industry’s most reliable and scalable process control solutions. In addition to delivering innovations, products and technologies, we also provide the most experienced and dedicated customer and technical support teams.

Since its launch, Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) has successfully helped thousands of customers worldwide improve productivity and profitability. Experion HS extends this proven technology to meet the demands of specific industry segments. Experion HS is as robust and powerful as Experion PKS, and can efficiently fulfill the requirements of small to medium size applications. It is an easy and intuitive solution that can be used by plant managers, plant maintenance engineers, process engineers and operators in many industries including oil & gas, mining, metals & minerals, chemicals, life sciences, power, cement & glass and food & beverages.

The infrastructure improves operator efficiency and productivity:
• Pre-built standard displays (including process group, point detail, trend, alarm and set point programmer displays) reduce configuration time.
• Intuitive and flexible HMI meet even the most demanding needs for process graphics, display navigation and alarm presentation.
• User-configurable pull-down menus and toolbars promote easier, intuitive navigation to process data.
• Enhanced trending for up to 32 pens simultaneously and event markers provide operators with a comprehensive view of the plant.
• On-board historian collects history and events, enabling instant access to reliable and accurate process data.
• Open architecture based on commonly used industry standards and the Microsoft Excel add-in provide greater choice in generating reports from process data.
• Integrated configuration environment enabling offline and online configuration changes minimize process disruption.

Complete Client/Server System Out of the Box

Users simply configure the platform instead of building it from the ground up. Operations can begin soon after point and hardware configuration is complete, using a single computer for the server as well as the client (Station) if desired.
Other client/server components of the system include:
• Real-time database – The database on the server provides data to a number of client applications including Flex Stations and applications.
• Open connectivity – The platform incorporates, as standard, open technologies to simplify integration with business and information systems. These technologies
include the ODBC driver, Visual Basic scripting, the OPC Client interface, the OPC Data Display Client and the OPC DA server for read/write access to the database.
• Advanced system infrastructure –The platform includes, as standard, a complete infrastructure with an advanced alarm/event management subsystem, built-in system displays, configurable reports, extensive history collection and standard system trends.
• SCADA interfaces – An array of standard drivers are provided with the platform including support for the HC900 hybrid controller (both standard and redundant), Safety Manager and FSC controllers, MasterLogic PLC and the S9000/LCS620 controllers, DPR, UMC, UDC, DR and X-Series recorders.
• Scalability – As system requirements change over the lifecycle of the system, and as your plant expands, so can the platform. Starting with a standard 50-point database, the platform can expand up to 2,050 points with 100-point increments, supporting up to five Flex Stations. Because each analog point supports eight parameters, control loops can be defined with a single point (a composite point) to lower the number of points required in control applications.

On-board History Collection
The on-board historian is a fully functional and efficient history engine, providing extended historical data storage that is limited only by storage media size. Experion history data is seamlessly available for use across every Experion Station for trend displays, reports, custom displays, applications, spreadsheets and ODBC-compliant databases.

Powerful Trending Increases Operator Effectiveness

Experion HS trending enables operators to maintain appropriate situational awareness to keep the process within desired limits. Trend with categorized list of events and associated icon marker on the time axis Trends can be preconfigured or configured online as necessary by simply browsing the database and selecting the desired point and parameter (up to 32 pens per trend display). Any of the standard history collection intervals can be used as the basis for the real-time and historical trends.
Trends can display data in the following ways:
• Line graphs
• Bar graphs
• Numerical list of historical data
• X-Y plot of the value of one point against another
Trend functions include:
• View events/alarms in combination with trend data
• Select event and observe marker with description
• Generate operator-entered events/description
• Trend zooming, panning and scrolling
• Hairline readout
• Configurable trend density
• Simple recall of archived history (calendar, time)
• Trend protection
• Smart clipboard support for copy/paste of trend data into Microsoft Excel
• Flexible time period selectors
• Auto-scaling

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